The “F” in Facebook stands for Failure

       Facebook the Facts

      Very recently, with much effort, I permanently deleted my Facebook account. Believe it or not the process of deactivating and deleting my account made me want to say goodbye to the Facebook world even more, it’s kind of creepy. My first step was to download all of the pictures and info into a zip file so I wouldn’t lose the important memories collected in photographs over the 7+ years I’ve had the account. After obtaining my personal info off the site my thunder was strong, “F-you Facebook I don’t need you anymore”, only to be confronted by a window displaying pictures of all my “friends” saying “They’re going to miss you!” with links under each photo to message them. It’s as if Facebook knows when you download  your private info that you’re getting ready to say “sayonara sucker” because every option and button starts running  so slow you can barely click on anything to complete the removal of good ol’ Uncle Facebook.

I have multiple reasons for deleting my Facebook account and here they are.


FLAMETHROWERS: Everybody knows that person who comments on all your posts, who disagrees with you whenever possible. If they feel like they’ve  lost the argument or you give them no leverage to run their diarrhea mouths, they resort to personally attacking you and likely will associate you with something they dislike or don’t understand so they can attack that instead, because in their tiny minds, they’ve won. This does nothing but cause frustration, stress and hatred. UNHEALTHY/STUPIDITY

GENDER POSTS: One of the most consistent things to witness on Facebook is the incredible amount of gender based articles. Unfortunately, the majority of these posts are shared by females and are usually about men. For example; “30 things gentlemen do”, “25 things every guy should do for his girl”, “the best sex positions for any penis size”, “why men shouldn’t be left alone with their kids” how men are so irresponsible etc. etc… I could go on and on. Honestly this is killing the minds of all people, people of any gender, race or sexual preference. I’ve watched my own family member complain on social media about not getting girls and proclaim that he is “handsome, classy, active, smart, funny and much, much more” yet he doesn’t understand why he’s lonely and single. (hmmm I wonder why? hahaha) It’s as if these guys followed some set of rules given to them by a higher power and that’s what makes them a perfect catch. Eerily there are a ton of similarities between the recent Isla Vista shooter’s posts and my family members posts. I truly believe that growing up with these articles slapped in your face day in and day out would make you go a little insane, these people blame everyone else for their problems and think they can do no wrong, all because they’re doing the “30 things gentlemen do”, pretty damn backwards right? UNHEALTHY/UNSAFE

POLITICS: It’s pointless. Everybody is closed minded and nobody gets along… It’s absolutely worthless to talk politics on Facebook. Don’t try to help people, simply shut the F-up because politics are as just as screwed as the people on Facebook. WASTE OF TIME/FRUSTRATING

PHONY FACEBOOK PHILANTHROPISTS: These people are extremely emotional, so much so that they will post as many feel good stories as possible, heartfelt memes, they will partake in gender posts and political posts as well. If you happen to post something that irritates them, which is not hard to do, they will attack you emotionally, probably telling you that you’re privileged, maybe even deeming you a “bully”. They might rally up other emotional people on Facebook causing a “firestorm”. (see FLAMETHROWERS). STRESSFUL/UNHEALTHY/FRUSTRATING


Spying, Hackers, Data collecting, ads, PRIVACY, Irrelevant responses, etc., you get it.

So all in all I would say that anything like Facebook is psychologically damaging to the user whether they know it or not. Anything that allows you to feel almost every human emotion with the swipe of your finger is bad for you. literally within seconds you can swipe through Rapists, dead babies, cute dogs, flowers, “fuck cancer”, memes, selfies, your cousins, and all the babies your friends are having…and another dead person or dog. It’s kind of like mixing a classic Disney Princess movie with dog fighting and The Hills Have Eyes, traumatizing right? I realized that waking up and looking at this crap is not just terrible for your brain but it shows how people can hurt themselves with a social media addiction just like alcohol to an alcoholic. Subconsciously you know its bad for you but you do it anyways, its a bit morbid and self destructive. Who knows maybe half, no maybe more than half of the Facebook user population is severely depressed and don’t actually know it. I can’t speak for everyone but I know that when I deleted mine the first thing I did was stand up, smile, took in a deep breath
and said aloud, “what the hell should I do!?” and It felt like I had all the time in the world.


Kralovec Out




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